Savannah Medical College

Savannah ~ 1859

R. D. Arnold Professor Theory & Practice of Medicine
P. M. Kollock Professor Obstetrics & Diseases of Women & Children
W. G. Bulloch Professor Principles & Practice of Surgery
J. G. Howard Professor of Anatomy
Juriah Harriss Professor of Physiology
J. B Read Professor Materia Medica & Medical Jurisprudence
N. A. Pratt Professor Medical & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Jos. J. West Adjunct Professor of Anatomy
Jas. E. Godfrey Demonstrator of Anatomy

Massie School

Savannah ~ 1859

B. Mallon Principal, Teacher
Mrs. S. C. Gammell Assistant Teacher
G. L. Butler Assistant Teacher
G. E. Thompson Assistant Teacher
S. J. Jones Assistant Teacher
Mrs. Wilson Assistant Teacher
Dr. R. D. Arnold Commissioner
E. C. Anderson Commissioner
J. G. Falligant Commissioner
Hon. Thos. M. Turner Commissioner
Gen. W. F. Brantly Commissioner
John M. Guerard Commissioner
J. B. Foley Commissioner
M. Cumming Commissioner

Public School

Savannah ~ 1859

W. H. Baker Principal, Teacher
Miss. Felt Teacher, Ass't Senior Dep't
Miss. Godfrey Teacher, Principal Primary Dep't
Miss. Cubbage Teacher, Ass't Primary Dep't
John Stoddard Commissioner
Anthony Porter Commissioner
Solomon Cohen Commissioner

Chatham Academy

Savannah ~ 1859

W. S. Bogart Principal, Teacher
J. F. Cann Teacher, Classical Dep't
Thos. G. Pond Teacher, Mathematical Dep't
Rev. C. B. King Teacher, Senior Girls Dep't
Mrs. H. D. Pryse Teacher, Junior Girls Dep't
N. A. Pratt Teacher, Junior Boys Dep't
R. Q. Baker Teacher, Primary Boys Dep't
Mrs. Bilbo Teacher, Primary Girls Dep't
Mons F. Grodote Teacher, French Dep't
Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott Trustee
Rev. Dr. I. S. K. Axson Trustee
Col. W. Thorne Williams Trustee
R. R. Cuyler Trustee
Hon. William Law Trustee
Capt. Jno. W. Anderson Trustee
Capt. F. S. Bartow Trustee
Dr. C. West Trustee

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