Selected Entries

Henderson, Benjamin B. Engineer, S. F. & W. Ry. bds. 49 York
Henderson, Daniel Works, W. H. Connerat bds. 267 Waldburg
Henderson, Edward * bds. 157 York
Henderson, Etta Mad. * h. 39 S. Broad
Henderson, Mrs. Frances D. * bds. 241 Montgomery
Henderson, George Waiter, Screven House bds. 11 Jackson
Henderson, James Laborer, C. R. R. *
Henderson, Jane Laundress h. 193 Jones
Henderson, Jesse Laborer h. 83 1/2 Indian
Henderson, John Cashier, W. W. Gordon & Co. h. 114 Duffy
Henderson, Joseph Cook h. 18 1/2 E. Boundary
Henderson, Joseph Laborer bds. 205 W. Broad
Henderson, Josephine M. * h. 120 State
Henderson, Mrs. Mamie * h. 23 1/2 Purse
Henderson, Moses Y. M. Y. Henderson h. 100 Gaston
Moses Y. Henderson Cotton Factor & Commission Merchant 164 Bay
Henderson, Richard Cook Shop, 27 Randolph *
Henderson, Stephen Works, S. F. & W. Ry. h. 267 Waldburg
Henderson, Thomas Undertaker, 133 York h. 135 York
Henderson, Thomas Laborer, C. R. R. *
Henderson, Thomas H. Clerk, T. Henderson bds. 135 York
Henderson, Thomas W. Clerk, M. Y. Henderson h. 200 Montgomery
Henderson, William * bds. 253 W. Broad
Henderson, William Laborer h. 179 1/2 W. Broad
Henderson, William L. Clerk, M. Y. Henderson bds. 56 Barnard

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